A Proposal of E-Learning for Skills of Traditional Japanese Wood-Processing Including Evaluation of Condition of Cut Surface

Virtual Paper ID: 56350
  1. aaa
    Shota Itagaki
    Faculty of Education, Miyagi University of Education
  2. Ryota Fukutani
    AI Laboratory, Collaborative Research Center, Sapporo City University
  3. aaa
    Akinobu Ando
    Faculty of Education, Miyagi University of Education
  4. aaa
    Tatsuya Horita
    Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University

Abstract: This study aimed to realize the learning of the traditional skill of Japanese wood processing, which is a motor skill, via e-learning. Motor learning has three stages, namely, verbal–cognitive, motor, and autonomous. However, e-learning lacks physical motion characteristic of the motor and autonomous stages. In contrast, it features the verbal–cognitive stage. Learning the skill requires not only moving the body and tools appropriately but also evaluating the result of the wood after processing. Therefore, we propose a new e-learning framework, which is subject to the three stages of motor learning and present a smartphone application and system using AI developed for the new framework.


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