Tuesday, June 23
1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 1

Augmented Reality Makerspace: Explore, Learn, Create

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    Sara Mursic
    Edge Hill University

Abstract: How could we talk about engaging classroom experiences if our professional development is not interactive at all? We have all sat through PowerPoint presentations and article readings. Let’s shake up this conference and make it truly reflective of what is happening in classrooms. Get busy tinkering, designing, and modelling the practices of makerspace learning in professional development! This workshop is all about making augmented reality playful for you to develop your ideas in a safe and creative space. After the introduction and demonstration, participants have the freedom and support to explore their own interests and to come up with their own creative projects using augmented reality tools. As often emphasized, hands-on practice right after the demonstration yields best results in terms of long-term memory and chances of further usage and development. Makerspace encourages participants to engage themselves with cutting-edge technology and create their own AR content. The choice of materials that will be offered ranges from personal (AR greeting cards, AR paper toys, AR keychains) to professional (AR business cards, AR shirts, AR tutorial sheets), but all new ideas are welcomed. Join and rediscover your creativity using the top innovative technology in the field.


Participants will be able to • Understand the components of augmented reality technology • Identify potential uses of augmented reality within their practice • Discuss the benefits and barriers of augmented reality in specific situations • Create their own augmented reality materials (BYOD- laptops required)

Topical Outline

A makerspace is an area where users can use tools and equipment to design, build and create things. These spaces are often seen in libraries featuring 3D printers or scanners, or in schools where students experiment with sewing machines, laser cutters and building tools. A makerspace, however, doesn’t need to include any of these machines to be considered a makerspace. Recently, we are seeing an increase in digital makerspaces and hackerspaces where people explore digital tools, programming and computing to create useful new materials or programmes. A combination of the two, traditional and digital makerspace, allows for new types of creativity to develop. As part of this Augmented Reality Makerspace, we will use everyday objects and give them another dimension. Augmented reality (AR) is a growing field of technology where reality is expanded and enhanced by digital elements generated by a computer. Typically, AR can be viewed using a smartphone camera or headsets, which turn everyday objects into platforms for interactive content, audio-visual and 3D graphics or into social media outlets. This technology opens a new world of immersive learning opportunities helping students understand complex structures and letting them visually connect theory with real-life examples. Compared to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) is more accessible and less expensive which makes it a perfect tool for all levels of education. It changes the way students interact with the real world, enhances their engagement, makes the subject content more visual and learning fun.


This workshop is open to all participants. No previous knowledge is needed. However, basic digital skills, internet connection, and a laptop are needed for creating individual AR materials. Software used is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

Experience Level



Sara has started her academic training in Croatia, at the University of Zagreb. After finishing a bachelor’s degree in Educational Rehabilitation (BA), she decided to continue her education at the University of Latvia where she acquired a master’s degree in Educational Treatment of Diversity, with distinction. Combining her academic interest for inclusive education and personal passion for innovative technology, she found herself in the development of augmented reality solutions for education. Sara is currently in her final year of the Ph.D. research programme at Edge Hill University, focusing on the implementation and engagement with augmented reality in inclusive educational settings. As part of her current research project, she leads professional development training on augmented reality in education. So far, these training sessions have received great feedback from more than 10 primary schools in the UK. Apart from school-based training, Sara has been invited to facilitate these workshops at universities in Latvia, Croatia and Serbia, at numerous conferences and as a visiting academic at the North-West University in South Africa. Her work was recognised at some of the biggest national and international EdTech events, but her passion is making an impact on teachers’ everyday practice. More about her interactive materials can be found at www.AugmentedToys.org


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