Share Paper: Advocating for Policy Reform to Support Trauma-Informed Practices in US Schools: Attention to the Learning Needs of Children who have Experienced Trauma

  1. Aubrey Statti, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, United States
  2. Inaya Jaafar, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, United States

Abstract: An international issue impacting educational settings across the globe is the emotional well-being and physical safety of students. Tragically, there is a soaring rate of students entering K-12 classrooms who have experienced trauma, either in a personal or in a community-wide event. In order to foster a secure environment for learning, educators must provide specific attention to students’ well-being through curriculum- and school-based practices, as well as referring students to community-based professional services. Furthermore, the local community, including state and federal governments are vital in supporting these policy reforms. This presentation seeks to support trauma-informed practices in schools as well ...