Share Paper: Opening the Book on the Price of Student Reading Lists

  1. Eamon Costello, Open Education, DCU, Ireland
  2. Richard Bolger, Open Education, DCU, Ireland
  3. Tiziana Soverino, Open Education, DCU, Ireland
  4. Mark Brown, Open Education, DCU, Ireland
  5. GrĂ¡inne Conole, Open Education, DCU, Ireland
Friday, June 28 11:05-11:25 AM Koepelzaal

Abstract: This paper summarises the findings of a study of textbooks costs reported elsewhere in a journal article and an associated open dataset. The cost of student textbooks is a huge concern in higher education, especially in North America. Less is known about the costs of textbooks in other parts of the world, including in Europe. We address this gap in the knowledge through a case study of one Irish higher education institution, focussing on the cost, accessibility, and licensing of textbooks. We report here on an investigation of textbook prices drawing from an official college course catalogue containing several thousand ...