Thursday, June 27
4:10-4:30 PM
Oud West

ICT competences of teachers in Higher Education in Developing countries. Challenges for quality education for professional development based on the DigCompEdu framework

Brief Paper ID: 55291
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    Abby-Gail Blanchard
    FHR School of Business
  2. aaa
    Genevieve Blanchard
    FHR School of Business
  3. aaa
    Yashtee Gowreea
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Institute of Knowledge Management
  4. aaa
    Koen DePryck
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Institute of Knowledge Management

Abstract: The quality of education in the contemporary society is being affected due to the use of ICTs. New possibilities, dilemmas and challenges arise for teachers through the incorporation of digital technologies in the modern society. In order to actively stimulate creativity and ownership within student, teachers take the role of change enablers and digital networkers. This new role for teachers highlights that teachers should achieve a certain degree of digital literacy in order to be qualified as teacher in this modern era. Investing in ICT competences of teachers is thus essential, also in Higher education (HE). However, developing ICT competences or digital literacy of teachers in developing countries presents several educational and logistic challenges. The DigCompEdu framework is a model which helps educators to assess their ICT competences. In our research, the framework will be used to define the baseline ICT competences of teachers in HE. The DigCompEdu questionnaire was evaluated by teachers in HE in Suriname to assess if it would be appropriate for use. The findings indicated that the framework itself overlooks contextual aspects of developing countries and some statements within the questionnaire were in itself found difficult to understand, which could influence the reliability of the response gathered from the respondents. The use of English was also considered a potential problem, which may predict problems using ICTs when English is required to do so.

Presider: Koen DePryck, Institute of Knowledge Management


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