Tuesday, June 25
2:55 PM-3:15 PM

Outsourcing our brain to technology: declutter the clutter

Brief Paper ID: 55285
  1. aaa
    Ellen Taricani
    Penn State University

Abstract: Outsourcing our brain to technology The more we use technology, the more we eliminate parts of our brain functions. There is a fear that in our ever-changing society, we will become more dependent on devices and the Internet for information. Techo-fatique continues to rise at rapid speeds with all the changes and platforms to explore. The more we use a tool, the more comfortable we become with that tool. All generations increase in their use of the Internet for both searching and retrieval of useful information. Cognitive fatigue as a result of using technology refers to a decline in mental efficiency and the accompanying feelings or needs to look beyond ourselves for answers. Our brains begin to be only a secondary source of information and fear of not having the correct answers continue to grow. All of this has an immense impact on our learning and what we do with information. In our development of courses and seminars, there needs to be a continued emphasis on critical thinking and not just on facts and knowledge. Use of blogs and other types of chats will enable more engagement and processing. This presentation will look at some of the examples of critical thinking in the classroom and attempts to go beyond the facts and general information to show examples of processing issues online and through writing and discourse with others.

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