Monday, June 24
9:30 AM-1:00 PM
De Dam 2

Machine embroidery in education - A technical tutorial and design workshop

Workshop ID: 55266
  1. aaa
    Daniel K. Schneider
    University of GenevaTECFA / FPSE

Abstract: This workshop aims to introduce participants to machine embroidery and its use in education. Participants will learn how to create simple embroidery designs, create embroidery designs from hand drawings, and understand the design workflow. At the end of the workshop, participants will have created at least on stitchable embroidery design and one educational scenario of use. Preparation and program:


* Create machine embroidery files from hand drawings and vector graphics * Manipulate SVG path objects in InkScape * Create embroidery designs from SVG path objects using InkStitch * Understand basic machine embroidery principles (workflow, material constraints) * Create 1 or 2 meaningful learning scenarios involving machine embroidery

Topical Outline

The workshop will start with a short presentation of “making” in education discourses, followed by an overview of machine embroidery principles. We then will lead hands-on activities. * Use cases for machine embroidery in education * Workflow(s) of computerized embroidery * Typology of embroidery stitch types * Embroidery machines and physical constraints (resolution, layers, tissue, size, etc.) * Hands-on using InkStitch (Basic use, create running stitches, create fills, Satin stitch principles an techniques) * Hands-on embroidery design from hand drawings (drawing constraints, use of a mini scanner) * Hands-on/discussion: Participants create scenarios of use.


Participants should master basic drawing with a computer program, e.g. be able to edit points in PPT. Participants must bring a laptop and install prior to the workshop the following software. - Gimp (Image manipulation, used for color reduction), Photoshop or similar also can be used, but do not expect help. - Inkscape (Used for bitmap tracing and/or drawing), - InkStitch extension (an Inkscape extension, the embroidery platform) Please carefully read the instructions on where to unzip this extension. Software installation is fairly easy for Windows and Linux users. MacIntosh users also must install XQartz (Unix/Linux compatible graphics layer that Apple). Please do not plan to attend the workshop if cannot get the installation of Inkscape done.

Experience Level



I teach "making" in an EdTech master since 1992. I learned machine embroidery by myself and then taught it in various contexts, e.g., - a blended 6 credits class, in french ( - a 3 hour workshop for data physicalisation experts ( ). - I organized outreach events, e.g. within a large book fair, a science fair and a health forum. Together with my students we create over 600 patches designed by participants. E.g.à_la_nuit_de_la_science_2018 I wrote online tutorials in English ( and in French (with my students) I gave 2 conference papers (in french) on the topic of machine embroidery in education: I submitted a poster to the AECT 2019 conference I am not an embroidery expert, but know how to introduce it to beginners. I also have experience explaining its benefits to people from education.


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