Share Paper: E-Learning in Peru: Habits and Attitudes Towards Online Distance Learning

  1. Maria Ruuskanen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  2. José Miguel Marchena, Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru
  3. Mark Curcher, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Wednesday, June 26 12:20-12:40 PM Oud West

Abstract: This paper is a preliminary report on the findings of a quantitative study conducted by the ISIL Technical Institute in Lima, Peru. Data was collected from 600 potential adult ISIL students to investigate habits and attitudes towards Online Distance Learning (ODL). The majority of respondents expressed a preference for attendance-based education over ODL, and no direct correlation was found between Internet use and positive ODL attitudes. ODL was viewed most positively by working people over 24 years old. This group revealed a functionalist approach to learning, viewing ODL as a time-effective way to acquire the knowledge necessary to undertake a ...