Wednesday, June 26
9:30 AM-10:30 AM

Keynote: Beat Dobeli Honegger

Keynote ID: 55199
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    Beat Dobeli Honegger
    Institute for Media and Schools

Abstract: It seems obvious - especially in the context of the EdMedia conference - that textbooks will not only consist of text in the future. It is already less clear to what extent they will still be recognizable as books, i.e. as a linearized collection of content with a didactic red thread. But the future of textbooks is not only determined by technical and didactic factors. Textbooks exist in an ecosystem of economic, legal and political framework conditions. The potential of digitalization can only be exploited for future textbooks if all stakeholders share this understanding and coordinate their actions.


Beat Döbeli Honegger holds a doctorate in computer science from ETH Zurich. He is a professor at the Pädagogische Hochschule Schwyz in Goldau (Switzerland) and heads the Institute for Media and Schools. He has been teaching and researching all aspects of digitalization in education for 20 years. In Switzerland, he was involved in the development of the “Media and Computer Science” curriculum as part of the “Lehrplan 21” and initiated one of the first projects with personal smartphones in a primary school in 2009. In the German-speaking ed-tech-community Beat is known for his public hypertext lexicon “Beats Biblionetz” (


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