Tuesday, June 25
6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Virtual Reality in Pharma Research and Development

Poster Demonstration ID: 55187
  1. Valerie Gamble
    Pfizer Drug Safety Research and Development and i3Logic
  2. aaa
    Tracey Trower
    Pfizer Drug Safety Research and Development
  3. Catherine Reed-Voorheis
    i3Logic, Inc.
  4. Douglas Braunschweig
    i3Logic, Inc.
  5. Tom Vasko
    i3Logic, Inc.
  6. Bonnie Beresford
    i3Logic, Inc.

Abstract: A pharma research company is piloting a training application of virtual reality (VR) technology to determine if this approach generates anticipated cost savings, improves consistency of the experience, and improves public perception of our research practices. The project goal is to determine if virtual reality training can influence the way the pharma industry looks at how training is conducted. To support this evaluation, extensive metrics are being collected to evaluate if the objectives are met. Seven virtual applications are being piloted and include a restricted laboratory tour, histology/necropsy laboratory safety and general tours, and four toxicology laboratory procedures. For this presentation, participants will be able to view a partial virtual 360 video laboratory safety tour and a restricted lab tour. Participants can learn about the steps taken by the team to secure executive team support and budget for this innovative approach and how they worked with teams to design and develop the VR applications.

Presider: Yoko Usui, Tohoku Gakuin University


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