Share Paper: Best of Austria: Developing Video Games in Secondary Schools with Unity

  1. Oswald Comber, University of Vienna, Austria
  2. Renate Motschnig, University of Vienna, Austria
  3. Hubert Mayer, University of Vienna, Austria
  4. Matthias Hörbe, University of Vienna, Austria
Tuesday, June 25 11:15-11:45 AM Koepelzaal

Abstract: What are the requirements, challenges and opportunities, when using a professional Game Development Environment (GDE) in computer science classes? In this participatory action research (PAR) scenario, the Unity GDE was employed to provide secondary school students with the chance to develop their own video games in computer science class. The basic idea was to benefit from the high motivation that comes along with video game development and the attraction of employing a professional tool. In this paper, the focus is on the experience of a teacher and two university-student researchers during a series of eight lessons. The findings showed that ...