Wednesday, June 26
3:30-3:50 PM
De Dam 1

A Method for Standardized Patients Training which Records their Awareness during a Role Play for Later Reflection

Brief Paper ID: 55036
  1. aaa
    Ryo Sawada
    Tohoku University
  2. Kumiko Sanuki
    Tohoku University
  3. aaa
    Taira Nakajima
    Tohoku University

Abstract: In this study, we propose a method to efficiently reflect awareness during practice, and evaluate its effectiveness. Specifically, while taking a video during a role play, an SP records his / her awareness by pressing a button of an input device. After the role play, participants reflect the scenes where buttons were pressed. As a result, the following two were suggested. First, recording awareness may not only be a small burden but also make SPs relieved, because they can reflect all scenes they concerned. Second, because recorded scenes can be confirmed as video, it is possible to efficiently and accurately reflect questions of a simulated doctor and answers of an SP. The method proposed in this research can be applied to activities where appropriate information is conveyed and activities that cannot be suspended such as presentation and teaching.

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