Share Paper: A Prototype of a Multimedia Learning System and its Problem Examples by Operation Style Answering using HI devices and VR materials

  1. Reo Ishii, Kagawa University, Japan
  2. Hiroyuki Tominaga, Kagawa University, Japan
Tuesday, June 25 3:30-3:50 PM Vondelpark

Abstract: We have developed multimedia learning system DrilLs-M. It realizes operation style answering with drawing a region and tracing a locus by a mouse or a pen tablet. It has applied to problems about kanji radical and geography on maps. We propose iMuLS with various human interface. It is an extension of DrilLs-M for VR space. It deals the functions related to 3D manipulation. In the question, it effectively adopts the simulation and the deformation expression for the answer. This boosts interests of learners and increases their motivation. In this paper, we use Oculus as a VR input / output device ...