Share Paper: The Relationships among Principals’ Technology Leadership, Teachers’ Learning Community and Innovation Management of Junior High Schools

  1. I-Hua Chang, Department of Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  2. Cheng-Mei Hsu, Department of Visual Communication Design, Taiwan
  3. Chiung-Chih Hu, Taoyuan Municipal Daxi Junior High School, Taiwan
Thursday, June 27 11:15-11:45 AM Vondelpark

Abstract: Principals’ technology leadership and teachers’ professional learning community are the important factors of the school innovation management. This study aimed to explore the relationships of junior high school principals’ technology leadership, teachers’ professional learning community and school innovation management. The research methods included literature review and questionnaire survey. The survey objects were junior high school teachers across Taoyuan city, Taiwan. With the help of 543 on-the-job teachers and through the self-compiled and proportionately stratified sampling questionnaire which is surrounded by “principals’ technology leadership, teachers’ learning community and school innovation management”. The data was analyzed by structural equation modeling (SEM). The ...