Share Paper: Computer Assisted Language Learning Technologies for Middle Grades ESL Learners

  1. Liliana Julio, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Colombia
  2. Erik Kormos, Colegio Karl C. Parrish, United States
  3. Adam Morgan, Colegio Karl C. Parrish, United States
  4. Sofia Isaac, Colegio Karl C. Parrish, Colombia

Abstract: This quantitative study investigated the impact of school setting on perceptions and attitudes of middle grades public school English as a second language (ESL) teachers related to learning technologies in rural, suburban, and urban environments. A survey of 398 teachers in a Mid-Atlantic state revealed significant differences of perceived effectiveness dependent upon school community type. In particular, urban ESL teacher perceptions of technology were significantly lower than rural and suburban schools. In addition, statistically significant differences were uncovered between suburban and rural schools. Current ESL teachers, administrators, and teacher educators may benefit from this insight to identify the most effective ...