Share Paper: Creating ePortfolios as Components of Undergraduates Employability Toolkit

  1. Gabrielle Read Jasnoff, Transylvania University, University of Louisville, United States
  2. Amy Sheikh, Transylvania University, Temple University, United States
Tuesday, June 25 12:40 PM-1:00 PM De Dam 1

Abstract: Today’s generation of college students live in a society where technology has been the norm. Therefore, it is no surprise the digital portfolio, or ePortfolio, has become a digital staple of student performance over time. Research shows the benefits of how this dynamic counterpart to their overall employability portfolio can provide, their use by employers, as well as advocacy by students who have developed them. This paper describes the collaborative efforts of the authors as they integrate open source, student-created ePortfolios in BA.1344- Business Technologies. This study aims to further develop and support previous research efforts of ePortfolio integration, as ...