Share Paper: TurtleCraft Learning Environment for Coding and Mathematics Learning

  1. Han Hyuk Cho, Seoul National University, KOREA, Korea (South)
  2. Hanik Jo, Hanyang University, KOREA, Korea (South)
Wednesday, June 26 4:10-4:30 PM Noord

Abstract: In recent years, coding education has been globally emphasized, and coding education was introduced to the public schools from the beginning of 2018 in Korea. With the introduction of the Free Semester System and the rising demand of Computational Thinking (CT) based coding capacity, this paper aims to design Minecraft-like TurtleCraft coding environment in which learners can design and construct mathematical objects through mathematical symbolic expressions following the Papert’s Constructionism. Students can constructed mathematical objects within the TurtleCraft microworld (open-source website), and also can enjoy their artifacts through 3D VR and 3D printer. Furthermore, we design learnable mathematics and ...