Share Paper: Technology-enabled learning space for student teachers to experiment innovative pedagogies

  1. Tsering Wangyal, National Institute of Education, Singapore, Singapore
  2. Liang Hong Poh, National Institute of Education, Singapore, Singapore
Tuesday, June 25 12:20-12:40 PM Vondelpark

Abstract: Educational institutions today are focusing a lot on transforming their traditional learning spaces into technology -enabled learning spaces by integrating a wide range of technologies to foster a richer and more meaningful learning experience for their students. Such transformations are necessitated by changing demographics (faculty and learners), changes in pedagogical approaches and mode of curriculum delivery, and rapid advancements in the field of educational technology. The affordances of these technology-enabled learning spaces and innovative pedagogies supported by them are transforming teaching and learning practices and experiences worldwide. In this paper, we share how Education Design Research (EDR) methodology was adopted ...