Share Paper: When Legends Share Company Secrets: Can Organizational Culture be a Vehicle for Knowledge Transfer?

  1. Andrea Seal, Innove, LLC, United States
  2. Elsa Waters, EGW Consulting, United States
Tuesday, June 25 2:45 PM-3:15 PM Noord

Abstract: This case study focuses on how course developers at an aerospace firm implemented an effective Onboarding Program by incorporating building blocks that utilized social learning, storytelling, and new hire integration. While most companies recognize the need for Onboarding to help new employees understand technical and financial details, they often fail to incorporate a presentation of the company culture early in the hiring process. This omission may create an unanticipated invisible barrier between the new hires and veteran employees. This study follows the establishment of a cultural Orientation created to enhance the existing new hire program. By employing effective tools to ...