Share Paper: Team-Issuing Style of a Digital Badge: Operation System for Quality Assurance of Education

  1. Kei Amano, Kumamoto University, Japan
  2. Shigeki Tsuzuku, Kumamoto University, Japan
  3. Katsuaki Suzuki, Kumamoto University, Japan
  4. Naoshi Hiraoka, Kumamoto University, Japan
Tuesday, June 25 6:00 PM-7:30 PM Koepelzaal

Abstract: A digital badge is a symbol not only of completion rewards but also of mastery associated with a learning process and its outcomes. Based on this idea, we designed a digital badge as a learning portfolio linked to an instructional design workshop and issued these badges to those who met criteria for completing an assignment. To ensure that the process for issuing the digital badge was transparent and reasonable, we adopted a team style. In this study, we share our operation system for issuing the digital badge and introduce some reactions from participants. As collected in a questionnaire survey, some ...