Share Paper: Further refinements of conjecture mapping for design-based research

  1. Der-Thanq "Victor" Chen, National Institute of Education, Singapore, Singapore
  2. Jing Wu, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Tuesday, June 25 12:00-12:20 PM Vondelpark

Abstract: In our earlier paper (Wu & Chen, 2018), we proposed a refinement of Sandoval’s conjecture mapping with two major changes. We replaced embodiment with design principle instantiations (DP-Is) to tighten up the relationship between conjecture mapping and design-based research (DBR). We also rephrased mediating process with mediating evidence to inform data collection. After a round of implementation, we further refine the map by rephrasing the term mediating evidence with with-in intervention evidences and introduce a new refinement, the inclusion of with-out intervention evidences. This paper reports on these two changes, specifically the underpinning ideas and benefits in makings these changes.