Tuesday, June 25
6:00 PM-7:30 PM

The School Inspection and Evaluation (SSE-Irtiqaa) Process in Abu Dhabi: A Case-Study in Data-Driven Leadership and Management

Poster Demonstration ID: 54708
  1. aaa
    David Litz
    Emirates College for Advanced Education
  2. Allison Smith
    CMHS UAE University
  3. Rida Blaik Hourani
    Emirates College for Advanced Education

Abstract: In recent years, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has been characterized by ambitious educational reforms. One of these changes has included the introduction of a school evaluation framework (SSE- Irtiqaa) that is designed to investigate schools’ various levels of performance. Results of the evaluations are given to the schools, which are then expected to provide improvements and work toward increasing their overall standing. School evaluations also work towards supporting the core goals of transparency, integrity, cooperation, partnership, and commitment to high quality of education, and are useful for providing data for policy making at the highest levels. This poster demonstration will present on a two-year research project on Abu Dhabi's newly introduced SSE-Irtiqaa process. Findings shed light on the areas and pathways of development required to facilitate and improve the SSE-Irtiqaa process. Additionally, specific recommendations advocate that school capacities need to be expanded, and that schools’ curriculum and operations must be revamped to meet modern social, managerial, technological/data-driven, etc., school evaluation challenges. Moreover, additional clarity is needed in the overall evaluation process, and specific professional development and on-site training is required regarding SSE-Irtiqaa administration, procedures, documentation, expectations, standards, analysis, etc

Presider: Yoko Usui, Tohoku Gakuin University


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