Linda Castañeda Invited Talk: Why We Must Continue Exploring Personal Learning Environments

Invited ID: 54357
  1. aaa
    Linda Castañeda
    Universidad de Murcia

Abstract: In order to untangle the learning process in the digital age, it is necessary to develop a deep understanding of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). The recognition of the socio-material nature of PLEs implies radical changes in the current understanding of educational ecology that suggest not only a different perspective about how we see ourselves—as learners and agents of our learning—but how we could learn and how we must teach. Research about PLEs has revealed them to be a central idea of the pedagogy of the abundance, but one that does not limit personalization to the use of data to predict or enable learning trajectories. Also, the research exposes that the development of the PLE concerns not only digital competencies but the empowerment of people to enact the learning competencies critically, to be an engaged learner in the digital era. In this session, we will explore PLEs in a critical but hopeful and pragmatic way. We will look at PLEs as the thought epicenter of the constellation of relationships that constitute not only the individual learning processes but the social learning processes, the new frontiers for teaching proposals, and the next boundaries in the construction of the citizenship.


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