Share Paper: Adopt and Adapt a Research-Supported Quality Assurance Process to Align with and Support Programmatic and Institutional Accreditation Needs

  1. Deb Adair, Quality Matters, United States
Thursday, June 27 12:00 PM-1:00 PM De Dam 2

Abstract: The facilitator will introduce a USA-based research-supported approach to quality assurance for online and blended learning at course, program and institutional levels, which can be adapted by higher education institutions to align with and support their programmatic and institutional accreditation needs. Major components of the quality assurance process include: 1) research-supported rubric standards to guide the design and review of online and blended courses; 2) variety of professional development offerings for administrators, faculty and staff; 3) a robust peer-review process for online and blended courses resulting in constructive recommendations for continuous improvement, certification of quality and national recognition; 4) criteria ...