Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: Workshop: Developing Transformative Leadership for New Learning Futures
June 26, 2018
10:30 AM-2:00 PM
This workshop is predicated on the assumption that building strategic and transformative leadership capability is essential to harnessing the opportunities and effectively managing the challenges facing institutions in an age of rapid and uncertain change. More than ever we need to invest in leadership development, especially given unprecedented change forces reshaping the complexity of the higher education eco-system. However, the challenge is that ‘most leaders of learning and teaching report being unsure about how to lead successfully when faced with rapid and significant change’ (Scott, Coates & Anderson, 2008, p. xvii). The key question is what type of leadership for teaching and learning is required in the digital-era? In exploring this question the workshop reflects on different approaches to the management of teaching and learning innovations and places strong emphasis on enabling transformative models of leadership for better learning futures. The basic premise is that learning transformations depend on both the large and small actions of many people working individually and collectively for educational change. Freed within this distributed conception of leadership, workshop participants will be challenged to critically evaluate and strategically analyse about some of the wicked problems and potential future scenarios facing higher education in the 21st Century.