Share Paper: Adaptive Identity Authentication of Blockchain System-the Collaborative Cloud Educational System-

  1. Mayumi Hori, Chuo University, Japan
  2. Masakazu Ohashi, Chuo University, Japan
Wednesday, June 27 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Jordaan 2

Abstract: Official ID on the Internet is required. Identity verification is issued by a trusted central authority. The purpose of this study is to propose online identity verification using Blockchain, decentralized system. Firstly, the online identity verification uses identity information. Secondly, an ID needs to be enhanced by social activity. We demonstrate online identity verification using Blockchain. We would like to discuss the Adaptive Collaborative Learning (ACL) on the Cloud Services, which integrates different systems and applications into one comprehensive system. It is expected that time-stamp will be effective in: 1. Evidence of the existence, 2. Proof of delivery, 3. Long ...