Share Paper: The Tipping Point: On Making Technological Innovation in the Higher Education Classroom the Norm

  1. Zarina Mariam Charlesworth, School of Management & Engineering Vaud, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences W. Switzerland, Switzerland
Wednesday, June 27 4:10-4:30 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: This paper reports on the use of strategies for encouraging change in higher education that allows for the integration of technology in course design and delivery. The research was carried out in six Higher Education Institutes in three French-speaking countries: Belgium, France and Switzerland. A qualitative benchmarking approach was taken which consisted of semi-directed interviews (n=13) along with site and classroom visits. The analysis was based on Henderson, Beach and Finkelstein’s (2011) four categories for change: disseminating, developing, enacting, and developing, together with the framework proposed by Hamilton (2014) on organizational readiness for change. The findings suggest that a multi-strategy ...