Share Paper: Exploring Digital Citizenship in the Social Media Landscape through the Lens of a Blogging Community

  1. John Stephens, School of Government, UNC Chapel Hill, United States
  2. Stefanie Panke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States
Tuesday, June 26 3:50 PM-4:10 PM De Dam 1

Abstract: This article reports the results of a qualitative interview study on the concept of digital citizenship as perceived by a blogger collaborative whose members share a common focus on community engagement. We analyze interview material with eight bloggers who represent a mix of public administration scholars, local government professionals, social activists and community leaders to explore two questions: What is digital citizenship from a local government perspective? How can social media support (or hinder) digital citizenship and civic engagement? This is a second analysis of the interview material. Whereas a previous review focused on the blog community, we developed and ...