An exploratory study on Happiness from Happiness Education for Teacher

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  1. Bokmi Park, Seoul National University, Korea (South)
  2. Jungeun Woo, Seoul national university, Korea (South)
  3. Yunhee Lee, Seoul national univetsity, Korea (South)

Tuesday, June 26 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Location: Koepelzaal

Presider: Douglass Scott, Waseda University, Japan

Abstract: Teachers’ happiness plays an important role on a school. This research explores the change on the feeling of happiness of teachers taking courses on teachers’ happiness college, which was developed to seek ‘the improvement of teachers’ happiness.’ For 38 attendees who have received courses on teachers’ happiness college comprising 8 lectures, we have measured their happiness at the first and the last lecture, using Satisfaction With Life Scale, Positive Affect & Negative Affect Schedule, and Psychological Well-being Scale adjusted for this research.In this Research There was a significant increase in the levels of subject well-being which includes life satisfaction and Positive, Negative affect over the 105 days. The mean levels of life satisfaction increased from 4.65(SD=0.99) to 4.96(SD=1.01), t(37)=-2.43, p =.010. The mean levels of positive affect increased from 3.38(SD=0.63) to 3.76(SD=0.66), t(37)=-3.27, p =.001. The mean levels of negative affect also significantly decreased from 2.17(SD=0.699) to 1.93(SD=0.65), t(37)=1.89, p =.032. There was a significant increase in the levels of Psychological Well-being over the 105 days. The mean levels of Positive Relationship increased from 3.97(SD=0.75) to 4.10(SD=0.80), t(37)=-1.83, p =.037. The mean levels of Self-acceptance increased from 3.77(SD=0.75) to 4.06(SD=0.63), t(37)=-3.26, p =.001.The mean levels of Personal growth increased from 4.54(SD=0.58) to 4.70(SD=0.54), t(37)=-2.69, p =.005.


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