Share Paper: Understanding Support System for Kansei of Teacher in Fashion Domain

  1. Nozomu Fukumura, Kansai University, Japan
  2. Tomoko Kojiri, Kansai University, Japan
Tuesday, June 26 4:10-4:30 PM De Dam 2

Abstract: In order to create sophisticate artworks, not only technical skill but also Kansei should be obtained from teachers. However, Kansei is implicit, so it is often not taught clearly by teachers. The objective of this research is to propose a method for learning Kansei of teachers and to develop its support system, especially in the fashion domain. Kansei is represented implicitly in the artworks. Thus, if learners can create artworks that teachers may create, they may understand Kansei of teachers. This research proposes a method for acquiring Kansei of teachers in which learners estimate coordination of clothes designed by teachers ...