Tuesday Keynote: The Challenge of Personalized Learning in Schools

ID: 53253 Type: Keynote
  1. Maurice deHond, Steve JobsSchools, Netherlands

Abstract: Thanks mostly to the digital revolution, education wrestles with the question of how to prepare children for our ever faster changing world. Three trends are at the core of the challenges for schools all over the world: Our relationship with information and knowledge has drastically changed more than ever before and in a short time span. Children are growing up in a completely different world from 50 years ago. The existing school model is industrial and based on the age of children and not their learning level. Schools must cope with these trends because otherwise in the long term they will become irrelevant for their students. Technology will play a more important role in schools, but it is not enough to only bring technology into the schools. An outdated organization with new technology will be only an expensive outdated organization. After introducing technology in schools, the level of the students will change and differentiate more because of the effect of the learning activities with adaptive interactive programs/apps. This offers huge challenges for schools: How can you best track or follow the development of students? Which instructions/lessons should you provide for the different learning levels? By changing the model, where you don’t organize the children primarily by age, and by using the right infrastructural tools, personalized learning in schools can be made possible. This is done via personalized development plans and personalized time plans for each student. In this way, the investment in schools with respect to technology can be optimized.


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