Share Paper: Exploring Students’ Eye Movements to Assess Learning Performance in a Serious Game

  1. Asma Ben Khedher, University of Montreal, Canada
  2. Imène Jraidi, University of Montreal, Canada
  3. Claude Frasson, University of Montreal, Canada
Tuesday, June 26 2:15-2:45 PM Oud West

Abstract: In this paper, we propose to analyze learners’ gaze data as they interact with a learning environment. The primary goal of this research is to assess students’ learning experience and to investigate what eye movements can tell about learners’ performance. We collected data from 15 medicine students when resolving clinical tasks in a medical education game. Results revealed that students’ visual behavior differ from one learner to another depending on the medical case solved. However, gaze data showed that there is a particular area of interest that raised the greatest attention. Interestingly, we found that the fixation duration spent on ...