Share Paper: Learning to program a humanoid robot in a special-needs school

  1. Thierry Karsenti, University of Montreal, Canada
  2. Julien Bugmann, University of Montreal, Canada
Tuesday, June 26 11:25-11:45 AM Oud West

Abstract: In the digital age, we hear more and more about programming, or coding. Some countries, including Sweden and France, have already made coding a compulsory school subject. We must face the fact that coding is now an essential skill for today’s youth (Karsenti & Bugmann, 2017), and one of the 21st century competencies that all students will need to acquire (The Ontario Public Service, 2016; van Laar et al., 2017). Plenty of tools have been developed to teach coding, including apps like Scratch, Scratch Jr, and Swift Playgrounds as well as websites like They are all designed to teach ...