Share Paper: Promoting Satisfaction in Online Courses

  1. Miki Kritz, Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel
  2. Miri Shonfeld, Kibbutzim College and MOFET, Israel
Tuesday, June 26 12:30 PM-1:00 PM Jordaan 2

Abstract: This paper is a report on the findings of a study conducted on online courses in a teacher education college. It analyzes the contribution of online courses for undergraduate and graduate students. This study examines the attitudes and perceptions of students in various courses in several areas: the teaching process, the contribution of online tools, self-study, satisfaction, contribution to the learning, implementing different learning tasks, and the use of technology for teaching and learning. The findings show that the teacher, the online environment, the students accountability and self-learning ability as well as his TPACK level explain the satisfaction. It was ...