Share Paper: Latin American International School Faculty Uses and Gratifications of Technology

  1. Liliana Julio, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Colombia
  2. Erik Kormos, Colegio Karl C Parrish, Colombia
  3. Adam Morgan, Colegio Karl C. Parrish, Colombia
  4. Taylor Dopuch, Colegio Karl C. Parrish, Colombia

Abstract: Web-based learning technologies are utilized worldwide in each grade level and subject of K-12 education. American accredited international schools in Latin America are no different. This study utilized a research-designed survey to analyze instructional technologies used by faculty in international schools affiliated with the American Association of Schools in South America (AASSA). The survey also examined teacher perception related to technology integration. This information aimed to examine teacher feedback to help gain a cross-cultural perspective on technology use and perceived obstacles to success. Ultimately, this study provided an opportunity to develop an improved vision of educational technology’s role in the ...