Tuesday, June 26
6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Personal Branding and Digital Citizenry: Harnessing the power of Data and IoT

Poster/Demo ID: 53098
  1. aaa
    Fawzi BenMessaoud
    Indiana University and Purdue University
  2. Sarah Ryan
    Indiana University & Purdue University
  3. Thomas Sewell III
    Indiana University & Purdue University

Abstract: Our past, present, and future is in Technology and the future of Technology is our entire existence as we continue to use it in every facet of our lives to help us quantify ourselves, digitize all our environments, and connect all our worlds by linking and interfacing the devices we use at home, work, or school. The more technology we use the more data we create, the bigger digital footprints we leave behind, and the wider the IoT grows. This paper presents a Personal Branding and Digital Citizenry application as an example of Informatics solutions to harness the power of the oceans of data created in IoT to help us solve problems or explore opportunities in all disciplines and industries. Personal Branding and Digital Citizenry is a digitally based application that enables students as aspiring career professionals to express and manage a multi-dimensional, drill down-able, presentation of their academic and non-academic achievements, experiences, skills, interests, aptitudes and career highlights in one's own unique style while managing their personal brand, web presence, and digital footprint both social and professional using a built-in customizable Digital Footprint Analyzer and Databots.

Presider: Douglass Scott, Waseda University


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