Share Paper: NordHunt – gamification for a smooth start of university life

  1. Line Kolås, Nord University, Norway
  2. Hugo Nordseth, Nord University, Norway
  3. Ståle André Nygård, Nord University, Norway
  4. Trond Olav Skevik, Nord University, Norway
Thursday, June 28 11:15-11:45 AM Jordaan 1

Abstract: The paper presents the game “NordHunt”, a team-based, alternate reality game, made to create a platform for newly arrived university students to get to know each other and work in teams, and to encourage the students to learn more about the town, university and study programs in a competitive environment. The game was run among newly arrived first-year students at a university, and evaluated through in-game statistics and a questionnaire among the participating students. The study shows that it is possible to use a mobile app to facilitate a smooth start to university life for newly arrived students. The NordHunt ...