Share Paper: Taking up the promise of the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum: Taking Making into Classrooms Toolkit and companion online experience

  1. Susan Crichton, University of British Columbia- Okanagan, Canada
  2. Elizabeth Childs, Royal Roads University, Canada
Wednesday, June 27 12:40 PM-1:00 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: The Maker Movement has been steadily gaining traction in educational settings globally. Combined with a design thinking process, it invites educators and students to engage in active production rather than passive consumption of products, media, materials and objects (Martinez & Stager, 2013). In one province in Canada, the K-12 curriculum has been reframed around applied design, skills and technologies (ADST) with the intention of “building on students' natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and work in practical ways. It harnesses the power of learning by doing, and provides the challenging fun that inspires students to dig deeper, work with ...