Share Paper: Concordia Speaks! Promoting International Students’ Integration and Community Building through Maker-Led Activities toward Accent Recognition and Adaptation

  1. Bojana Krsmanovic, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, Canada
  2. Ivan Ruby, Concordia University, Canada
  3. Rhonda Chung, Concordia University, Canada
Wednesday, June 27 12:20-12:40 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: Concordia Speaks! is an interdisciplinary project with a series of activities that emphasize authentic and experiential learning in a Maker Culture ethos, to promote international students' integration and community building on the university campus. Through collaborative practices, participants will engage in the collection of speech samples, design and implementation of a game aimed at identifying and adapting to the variety of accents of existing English speakers in the Concordia University campus environment, in Montreal, Canada. Participants will be first-year, first or second-term national and international students enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate course with the exception of educational studies and ...