Share Paper: Exploring Video Literacy and the Practice of Educators: Videos, Vlogs, Videoconferencing and Holographic Teleportation

  1. Julie-Ann Sime, Lancaster University, UK, United Kingdom
  2. Chryssa Themelis, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Thursday, June 28 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Vondelpark

Abstract: Video permeates everywhere online and is a key element for social media, marketing strategies, business communication, information dissemination and community building. We interviewed 21 educators from various disciplines within higher education and vocational trainers then analysed the data within the framework of informed grounded theory (IGT). IGT embraces data, categorises and correlates them with a literature review to critically reflect on and develop a theory of praxis – of how educators use visuals in teaching with technologies. The findings provide guidelines for educators, derived from practice, on how to use visuals (from a pragmatic perspective, including: static, dynamic and interactive ...