Share Paper: Learning Climate Change Science with Computer Games in a Science Fiction Novel

  1. Glenn Smith, University of South Florida, United States
  2. Metin Besalti, University of South Florida, Turkey
Thursday, June 28 12:00-12:20 PM Oud West

Abstract: This project, called Climate Change Narrative Game Education (CHANGE), helped high school students learn complex Global Climate Change (GCC) science by making it personally relevant and understandable. CHANGE created a prototype curriculum, integrated it into elective Marine Sciences high school courses, and tested its efficacy. CHANGE used: (a) scientifically web-based science fiction novel with computer games, about future Florida residents and (b) hands-on science laboratory activities, local, place-based approach grounded in Florida Gulf Coast using scientific data. The project worked with four teachers in three high schools, but will work with 27 high school Marine Science teachers in 25 schools ...