Share Paper: Quiet! I’m Reading: Texting in eBooks

  1. Glenn Smith, University of South Florida, United States
  2. Robert Haworth, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  3. Beth Jordan, University of South Florida, United States
  4. Diane Austin, University of South Florida, United States
Tuesday, June 26 11:05-11:25 AM Oud West

Abstract: We investigated how ten to eleven year-old children texted in small groups within web-based eBooks with embedded games. We investigated both “open texting,” (children texting about what they chose) and “guided texting,” (discussing a suggested topic related to the book). We were interested in: (1) how the students’ texted in the novel digital environment of web-based eBooks with games, and (2) what learning affordances emerged from this texting. Fourth- and fifth- grade students, in a school library, used a web-based system for reading eBooks and texting with others. Their librarian set up the groups and monitored the text conversations. Data ...