Share Paper: "It's like sharpening a knife": Instructors' Time in Blended Learning Courses

  1. Luis Francisco Vargas-Madriz, University of Alberta, Canada
  2. Norma Nocente, University of Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, June 27 12:20-12:40 PM Oud West

Abstract: The University of Alberta has targeted funding to encourage the implementation of digital learning activities across campus. Since early Spring 2014, many undergraduate courses have received funding for developing blended learning courses. The purpose of this study was to explore instructors’ experiences of time developing and implementing these undergraduate courses. This study used a qualitative exploratory single-case study design, and a total of 22 instructors participated in a semi-structured interview. Findings showed that blended learning required a greater time commitment than anticipated, and additional time to acquire new teaching and technology skills. However, instructors also found blended learning enabled them ...