Share Paper: The effect of digital games on intrinsic motivation in mathematics learning

  1. Liping Sun, University of Lapland, Finland
  2. Heli Ruokamo, University of Lapland, Finland
  3. Pirkko Siklander, University of Oulu, Finland
Wednesday, June 27 12:00-12:20 PM Jordaan 2

Abstract: As one of the most significant subjects, mathematics is core to students’ education. However, the current research indicates that students are suffering from a lack of interest, motivation and engagement in their mathematics learning. Digital technologies are regarded as tools and environments that play an important role in the development of mathematics education. However, the research about promote students’ intrinsic motivations in mathematics learning under a digital learning environment is scarce. The aim of the study is to elaborate students’ intrinsic motivation facilitated in a digital learning environment so that their attributes and engagement towards mathematics will be influenced positively. ...