Share Paper: Multi-dimensional Approach for the Pedagogical Assessment in STEM Technology Enhanced Learning

  1. Lydia Montandon, Atos Spain, Spain
  2. Jim Playfoot, White Loop Limited, United Kingdom
  3. Ioana Ghergulescu, Adaptemy, Ireland
  4. Marilena Bratu, University of Bucharest, Romania
  5. Diana Bogusevschi, Dublin City University, Ireland
  6. Renata Rybarova, Slovakia Technical University, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
  7. Nour El Mawas, National College of Ireland, Ireland

Abstract: The concept of the NEWTON project is based in an identification of the challenges and barriers in creating engagement and enthusiasm amongst STEM students and recognises the need to stimulate and embrace the type of change that innovative technologies can bring. Thus, NEWTON focuses on employing novel technologies to increase the quality of the learner experience, improve learning processes and increase learning outcomes. One of the major challenges of the project is to validate the platform impact and the effectiveness of the teaching scenarios in terms of learner satisfaction, improvement of the learning and teaching experience, and the evaluation of ...