Share Paper: Assessing Student Learning Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Approaches

  1. Debra K Bauder, University of Louisville, United States
  2. Susie Gronseth, University of Houston, United States
  3. Thomas Simmons, University of Louisville, United States
Wednesday, June 27 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Jordaan 1

Abstract: Assessment is an embedded method that has been used in classrooms for decades. However, in many respects, assessment methods have become archaic, outdated and questionable, although the need to conduct assessment has not. With the emphasis on 21st Century learning and pedagogy, the approaches to assessment need to shift towards becoming more authentic and providing better accountability of student learning. Through the use of digital technologies, teachers can now get better snapshots of how their students are progressing. Further, aligning the use of these digital technologies with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) enables teachers and administrators to better understand student ...