Share Paper: A Virtual Escape Game for Intergenerational Play: Exploring Social Interactions and Intergenerational Perceptions

  1. Amir Doroudian, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  2. David Kaufman, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Tuesday, June 26 3:50 PM-4:10 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: Our research team has developed a collaborative, virtual escape game in collaboration with novice student-developers and older adults. It is a simulation of real-life escape rooms and incorporates a literary theme familiar to a wide range of age groups. The game addresses the age-related constraints, while it could be engaging to both older and young adults. In this study, we tested the game with six intergenerational pairs, who played the game twice, to investigate how it could, first, facilitate social interactions between age groups and, second, affect intergenerational perceptions. The findings of our research revealed that playing the game promoted ...