Share Paper: Retooling 3D documentation technology for education: A review of photogrammetry technique used as a guideline for digitizing objects in K-12 education

  1. Melis Baloğlu Aşut, Istanbul Technical University, PhD candidate, Turkey
Tuesday, June 26 4:45 PM-5:15 PM De Wallen

Abstract: This paper intends to present a review of the evaluation of 3D documentation technologies and techniques grounding photogrammetry technique, focusing on the needs and requirements of educators who teach their students to become a maker in K-12 education. This evaluation is focused on photogrammetry applications that represent technology available for measuring and documenting solid and live objects. Awareness of the difficulties encountered in employing the wrong scanning techniques and the effects of material color on the scanning process allows the most efficient use of resources to be planned. For this reason, this study proposes a visual guideline that helps novice ...