Wednesday, June 27
2:45 PM-3:15 PM
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Utilizing Learning Analytics for Study Success: A Systematic Review

Full Paper: Research ID: 52787
  1. Jane Yin-Kim Yau
    University of Mannheim
  2. aaa
    Dirk Ifenthaler
    University of Mannheim
  3. Dana-Kristin Mah
    University of Potsdam

This study examines the utilization of learning analytics to support study success. Our main research question was to identify whether there is a link between learning analytics and the respective intervention measures to increase study success. Our systematic review consisted of empirical studies conducted during the past five years (2013-2017). Search terms identified 6220 papers from various sources. After duplicated articles were removed, there were 3163 papers remaining. Each of the abstracts of the papers was screened and the inclusion criteria (such as peer-reviewed, quantitative research findings) limited the key studies to 46. This paper presents an overview of the results of this systematic review. The latest research from 2017 reveals evidence in the main successful application of learning analytics to reduce student dropout can only be found in USA, Australia, and England. It is concluded that evidence can be found supporting the use of learning analytics to support study success however limited and/or study success may not be exclusively the result of the use of learning analytics but also some additional means of technological or institutional support. More work on ethical and privacy guidelines supporting a wider adoption of learning analytic systems is required as well as work towards a standardized and personalized LA system which can be integrated into any learning environment providing reliable at-risk student prediction and intervention strategies.

Presider: Ioana Ghergulescu, Adaptemy


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