Share Paper: Experiences of teachers in an online course on the PBL approach: the perception of the teacher's role in the digital age

  1. Orit Avidov-Ungar, The Open University, Israel & Achva Academic College, Israel, Israel
  2. Dina Tsybulsky, School of Education, Achva Academic College, Shikmim, Israel & School of Education, Tel-Aviv Univers, Israel
Thursday, June 28 2:15-2:45 PM Oud West

Abstract: Our research traced significant learning experiences of teachers (n=55) studying in a teacher-training college for a Master's degree, in the attempt to understand how the learning experience in an online course on the PBL approach influenced their role-perceptions as teachers working in the digital age. Data was collected from 2014-2016, using: (1) a questionnaire gathering learners' personal and demographic details (n=55) and (2) reflective writings on the learners' learning experiences in the course (n=105). Data underwent qualitative-constructivist content analysis. Findings revealed four main aspects evident both in the personal experiences of the participating teachers and also in their consideration of ...